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The Pros And Cons Of Using Gelatin Capsules

With the popularity of making your own health supplement, the need for empty capsules has risen. No longer are we limited to the vitamin supplements that big pharmaceutical companies are marketing. Most of these vitamins are made of synthetic chemicals. If you want organic substances, you have to pay a higher price. But it is now possible for you to make your own vitamin supplement containing the right amounts of organic nutrients that you need at an affordable price. You can do this by using empty capsules.

There are now many manufacturers who are producing empty capsules for business and personal applications. The most popular of all these capsules is gelatin capsules. Most of the drug, anti-biotic and vitamin capsules that we buy in our local drugstores are encased in gelatin capsules. Making your own vitamin supplements using these empty capsules will not only give you better health, but also save you a lot of money. You won’t be paying for marketing and advertising costs anymore which is what really makes pharmaceutical products quite expensive.

gelatin capsulesWhat Are Gelatin Capsules?
Gelatin capsules are small pearl-shaped shells that are used in encasing all kinds of substances, from vitamin supplements to medications. Putting taste-offensive and odor-offensive substances in capsules makes them easier to take orally. All gelatin capsules are tasteless, odorless and colorless. They are also safe to the stomach and do not cause stomach disorders when taken. They also interact efficiently with the substances that are contained in them. Gelatin is also known to enhance joint growth and flexibility because it contains hydrolyzed collagen, amino acids and proteins. It is considered as a form of food good for enhancing the health of our hair and nails. Recent studies have shown that gelatin can induce the body to burn fat and lose weight.

What Are Gelatin Capsules Made Of?
The International Vegetarian Union says that gelatin is made from animal by-products. These include animal tendons, skins and boiled bones. Some of the animals where these by-products come from are horses, cows, fishes and pigs.

Advantages of Using Gelatin Capsules
Oftentimes, the actual tastes of nutritional substances such as vitamins, herbs, etc. are not good. Children especially find it hard to swallow liquid forms of vitamin supplements. With the use of gelatin capsules, you can conveniently take the vitamin supplements that you need no matter how they taste. You will have no problem giving your children castor oil and other fish oils because when these substances are inside these capsules, you won’t be able to taste them. Herb products like Cheyenne pepper which is good for the health are hard to swallow because it is very hot to the tongue. But if the’re inside gelatin capsules, you can take any amount of pepper that you want.

In addition, the amount of natural supplements in their raw forms is oftentimes difficult to control. You are not sure whether you are taking enough or very little.  With gelatin capsules you are able to have a uniform intake of the supplements that you need each time. There are different sizes of gelatin capsules and you just have to choose the size that will suit with the daily amount that you need.

Some Things You Need To Consider About Gelatin
Since gelatin capsules are made of animal by-products, they are naturally not suited for all people. Some of the people that cannot take these capsules are those who are on strict vegetarian diets. For such individuals, there is the possibility of contracting skin allergies such as hives and itchiness when gelatin is taken. Such individuals have hypersensitivity to cow and bovine gelatin products. Others may experience breathing difficulties or dizziness.

People who eat Kosher foods should also avoid taking gelatin capsules because some of them are made of non-kosher foods such as pigs. Additionally, even if there is kosher gelatin, those that are made from beef skins are not kosher. 

It is also good to consider that farm animals including cows are fed with foods treated with pesticides and are treated with anti-biotics. Therefore although cow is kosher, gelatin taken from them may contain toxins due to the food and treatment they customarily receive. Gelatin taken from such sources can cause stomach upsets and other digestive disorders.

Another concern is the protein contained in gelatin. It can cause a possible side effect in the functioning of liver and kidneys where they may have to work harder to break down and excrete the protein. If you have a kidney or liver condition, you need to consult your doctor before taking gelatin capsules.


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