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Empty Capsules

Use Empty Capsules To Create Your Own Remedies

More and more people are now aware of the need to keep a healthy style of living. With the rising incidence of serious illnesses and the inability of modern medicine to prescribe effective treatments, people are taking a more active approach as far as their health is concerned. There is now a growing demand on alternative medicine which has proven to be effective in treating illnesses which were considered untreatable by main-stream medical practitioners. This situation even encouraged people to make their own concoctions out of natural herbs which they use to treat their sicknesses and improve their health.

It is in this scenario that empty capsules made their way into the market. The increasing demand for natural health products has encouraged the development of new materials and machinery that can satisfy the need for those who require custom dietary supplements. Since they are dealing with natural supplements and not synthetic chemicals, even those who don’t have pharmaceutical and medical background are encouraged to produce their own supplements in a very convenient way. Most natural herbs do not pose dangerous risks because they are made of organic ingredients. By using empty capsules, you can now turn your herbs into vitamin supplements that you can take every day.

empty capsulesThe Convenience of Using Empty Capsules
Natural herbs are really the best way of treating yourself because they generally don’t have any side effects. Most of these herbs are also filled with many valuable nutrients that can make us healthy. But the thing that makes these herbs unattractive is that most of them have bitter taste. This is where empty capsules come in. If you put these herbs inside these capsules, you will no longer taste them. Therefore you can put in any amount of herb that you want so long as it will fit inside the capsules.

Two Types Of Empty Capsules
There are generally two types of empty capsules which you can use. They are differentiated by the material by which they are made of. The most common of all capsules is the gelatin capsules. They are made of animal by-products, derived from animal collagen, with some coming from cow skin and others from horse hooves. Some believe that collagen in gelatin may promote joint growth and flexibility.

For those who are averse in eating animal products, the alternative is vegetarian capsules. Veggie capsules are made from agar, a type of seaweed found in East Asia. It does not contain animal collagen which causes allergies in some people.

Gelatin and agar are the best materials for making empty capsules because of certain properties that they have. Both of these materials are remain in solid form under room temperature. But when you put them in warm liquid, they easily dissolve. They are easily digested even by people with weak stomach acids. More importantly, gelatin and agar are tasteless, colorless and odorless, making them perfect for encasing bitter herbs.

Varieties of Empty Capsules
Aside from being made of gelatin or agar, there are many sizes and colors of empty capsules you can use. The size of the empty capsule that you will require will depend on the supplement you are making and the dosage that you need. In the pharmaceutical industry, the smaller number means bigger sizes. Generally, there are five sizes of empty capsules. They are 00, 0, 1, 2 and 3. “00” holds about 735 milligrams. “0” has about 500 mg, while 1 holds about 400 mg. Number 2 holds about 300 mg. while number 3 has about 200 mg.

Empty capsules can also come in many different colors. Most often, the gel caps and capsule bodies are of the same color. But sometimes the cap’s color is different from the cap’s body. These colors can be clear, orange, red, yellow, green or even blue.

Filling Empty Capsules With The Supplements You Need
In putting your customized health supplement in capsules, you will need a capsule machine. With these capsule machines, the process of putting herbs and vitamins in empty capsules becomes easy with no wastage. There are capsule machines for business and small-scale manufacturers. These machines are relatively simple and very easy to operate. Personal capsule fillers can also fill multiple empty capsules simultaneously just like the bigger machines.

The process typically begins by arranging a batch of empty capsules to be filled with the supplement, then quickly sealing the capsule bodies with the gel caps by using the contraption of the machine. With the use of these capsule fillers, spilling of the supplements is avoided. The quantity of capsules that can be filled depends on how big the capsule machine is. Typically, personal capsule fillers will allow you to make 2,000 capsules an hour. A professional machine can fill 8,000 capsules per hour.


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